About Me

On Mother’s Day, 2005, my wife and I made a decision. We had both grown up in Christian homes and attended church faithfully for most of our lives.  But on the Mother’s Day, we decided to roll back our religion and start over.  We would no longer subscribe to many fundamentals of Christian doctrine but would instead see a new path by trying to connect directly with the faith of the first gentile Jesus-followers.  That path is called Messianic Judaism.  In modern terms, it is an oxymoron.  We are neither Christian nor Jew.  Instead, we are gentiles practicing Nazarene Judaism, that is, the Judaism of Jesus and his followers.

This blog is the outcome of that decision.  Here, I can work out my theology and ideas about human interaction from a perspective that is often maligned and misunderstood.  And that is why my blog is called the Drash Pit.  The term d’rash is based on a method of study in Judaism that seeks to understand the meaning of Biblical text, often by methods that might otherwise seem esoteric, obscure, or ambiguous.  But that’s alright.  Sometimes the Bible can seem esoteric, obscure, or ambiguous.