Pushing Buttons

sandi-oct-6I have been accused of pushing buttons.  Not the kind on my computer keyboard or the virtual variety on my smart phone.  I am talking about emotional buttons that, when pressed, tend to make people uncomfortable, annoyed, or outright irritated.  Those buttons.

I do it for a reason.  We all need to get our feathers ruffled every now and then, otherwise we become stale and complacent. Sometimes we need our paradigms challenged so we have a chance to defend and, if necessary, reevaluate them.

I read this short quote in another blog this morning, and I thought it appropriate to the discussion:

The disciples of Jesus remain bitterly divided over protecting their own dogmatic interpretations of the truth, meanwhile neglecting the authentic Jewish core inside the church edifice and scarcely noticing that the whole edifice is in danger of collapse under the weight of modern secularism and disillusionment.

Most of the buttons I like to push tend to challenge theological dogma, most of it millenia-old, man-made traditions that have rendered Scripture and its scholastic study near-obsolete.  That might sound a bit extreme as an idea, but in practice it is sadly true. Consider, for example, the massive disengagement with Scripture by the vast majority of professing Christians.

I might be pushing a button there.