Living in the Margins

I have been considering my priorities. And how they might be, in some cases, misplaced.

What does Yeshua mean when he says that we should first seek the Kingdom of God? I guess we have to determine what the Kingdom is and what seeking it really means, but even if we haven’t determined that precisely, the operative term in the reference for me, right now, is “first.” That means that Kingdom activities should be my top priority.

Can I get an “amen” that that is much harder than it sounds?  The real difficulty isn’t in the doing–that part about finding the Kingdom and participating in it–but rather, in making ourselves Kingdom-minded first and foremost.  There are just too many distractions, right?  And this world doesn’t revolve around the Kingdom yet, which means we’re going to have other challenges to wrestle, such as work and school and friends and family that just do not get it.

Many years ago, I had a discussion with a dear friend about the need to prioritize his reading and study of the Bible, along with prayer and general nurturing of his relationship with the Almighty.  He second response, after the obligatory “you’re right,” was that there just isn’t enough time in the day. I responded without hesitation: “The G-d who made time a space can certainly help you make more time in your day (or your existing time more efficient) if you would just put him first.”  Queue the crickets…

I sometimes find myself on the other side of that argument, and I have had to remind myself that it is not fair to push G-d out to the margins of my time and then expect him to pop out of my Bible like a genie in the lamp whenever I call. And it really isn’t even about what is fair. It is simply not possible for me to manage righteously my own heart and mind without them being nurtured by the Word, by prayer, and by right fellowship with other Kingdom-minded individuals.

Far more often than not, I think Christians and other Yeshua-followers consign G-d to living in the margins, especially whenever the burden of life bears down.  But should it not be quite the opposite?

Perhaps we should stop asking G-d to live in the margins of our stories but instead consider that we are actually living in the margins of His.