Slippery Slopes

I have noticed that there seems to be a trend in Christendom lately of trying to right-size understanding of Torah (law), divine favor (grace), and the message of redemption (gospel).  Amusingly, there is way more talking than listening going on. Everyone is so convinced that their own theology is right and remains the sole island-of-truth descended without alteration from the teachings of Paul the Apostle that they therefore refuse to hear any dissenting opinions or alternate perspectives from what they deem as heretical doctrines from outside their closed theological ecosystem.

Did you know that it was once heretical to believe that common people should have access to the Bible? It was once heretical to suggest that the earth was not the center of the universe. What you consider heretical today may one day be an idea accepted as self-evident and axiomatic.

My point? My point is that once you start down the path of claiming everyone else is a heretic, you doom yourself into your own heretical thinking.  If you are unwilling to have open-minded dialogue with someone who does not share your perspective, then the cause you are trying to champion has already been lost.

Iron cannot sharpen iron when it sits in isolation.