The book of Leviticus is riddled with details about sacrifice.  This makes it mostly untenable for the average, modern reader. It is so difficult for us to understand, let alone justify what kind of deity would require sacrifice of one living thing in place of another.

But I think we are looking at it all wrong.  Those details are not about how to offer a sacrifice of flesh, or grain, or wine.  They are about how to draw near to God.  Maybe if we would change our perspective, we would not only appreciate the minutiae but also see more significance in the offering Messiah makes on our behalf.

I think it is unhealthy to spend so much mental effort engaged with death–an animal’s or ours–and what happens after and not enough time spent fixated on the life afforded us by the spilling of blood.  And if you’ve forgotten and need a mundane explanation, go find a soldier and ask her what she fights for.  Go ask the sailor why he risks his life for people he has never met.

Maybe that perspective is an unsettling metaphor.  And maybe it is inappropriate.  Or maybe it is exactly what you need to think about today.