A New Approach

A book I have been reading has challenged me to begin writing more–more content, more frequently, more engaging, more connecting.  More, more, more.  Writing on this blog has been arduous for me, probably because I do not exercise my writing muscles near enough. So I am going to try for greater flexibility (with my subject matter), greater commitment (to writing anything), and greater leniency (of my own perfectionism).  I realize this means that some of my writing may suffer, but not every post has been a gem so far anyways.

Every post will be a gift. But not every gift will be wanted, appreciated, or enjoyed.  And I am okay with that.  Not every gift will be for every reader, but I hope that you will be patient and kind while I stretch my proverbial legs, knowing there will probably be some early injuries along the way.  We stumble, and we get up.  That’s life.